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“Dining at Bucksnort’s”

At Bucksnort’s we believe in freshness, quality, and the importance of supporting local business. We do our best to supply as many of our ingredients from here in the Alberni Valley and Vancouver Island for your dining pleasure. Drawing inspiration from this beautiful valley and the great farms and fields of Vancouver Island, we’ve collected an assortment of local favorites, classic comfort foods, and family recipes to create a menu that’s versatile and familiar to meet any craving you have. Enjoy!

Dining at Bucksnort's Ocean Marina Hotel

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Bucksnort's dining pleasure

Creekers Pub

Creekers Pub opens at 12:00 PM for lunch, dinner and drinks. One can unwind in the relaxed atmosphere inside the pub while watching TV, playing darts or BCLC.  Creekers Pub offers daily drink specials and a great selection of appetizers as well as sandwiches, burgers and salads.  Enjoy the casual atmosphere inside by the fireplace or out on our fabulous patio!

Creeker's Pub Ocean Marina Hotel